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Author Topic: May 17-21, 2017 ZDAYZ  (Read 569 times)

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May 17-21, 2017 ZDAYZ
« on: January 02, 2017, 01:37:05 AM »

Location: Fontana Village, N.C.     

When attending ZDayZ there is a great deal of exciting things to do. One of the single most exciting things to do is driving the Dragons Tail. For those who don't know, one of the greatest driving roads in the United States is 11 miles of Hwy 129 , known as The Dragons Tail. This 11 mile section of road is smoothly paved with 318 curves many of which are wonderfully banked.    While this can be a very fun & exciting stretch of road to drive, it can also be one of the most dangerous. You can in one second be testing the limits of your cars performance and the next second be testing the safely of it as you are off the road, and if your lucky in the side of the mountain. If your not so lucky so are rolling down the valley. This isn't said to scare anyone, simply to enlighten those who will be driving. We want this to be a trip to remember for all who attend and not because they had their car towed home.     So How can you make sure that you FULLY enjoy this awesome trip? By being smart! Both leading up to and while at ZDayZ. 
   Preparation for your vehicle : Horse Power isn't relevant in enjoying ZDayZ. So for those that will be spending money on mods leading up to the event, please consider these strong recommendations.
  1st & Most importantly is TRACTION! This is no recommendation. This is a REQUIREMENT! If you cant come with high performance tires than you don't have any reason to be on the Dragons Tail. I can Personally attest to the joy of having high performance tires provides. I have also witnessed first hand how even a sports car with a well built suspension can be lost on the Dragon due to cheap generic tires. Don't loose your car because your tires couldn't handle the corner.
  2nd & Equally important is BRAKING! You don't have to buy a Big Brake Kit! You must however make sure that your brakes are as good as they can be. Good Pads & high performance brake fluid. You certainly don't want to run up on a corner only to loose your brakes and then crash in a firey oblivion.
3rd Handling. This for obvious reasons is very important. Like with brakes, I'm not saying you have to have a built suspension to enjoy the trip. You do need to have a good suspension though. For instance if you have blown or worn shocks , I would recommend replacing them before the trip. If you do have extra money than, upgraded performance Shocks or springs would make for a little more comfort & fun while driving in the mountains.
4th Cooling: I recommend having a fresh oil change to help engine cooling & reliability. Also you make want to consider if there is a need to change other fluids such as; Rear diff, trans, or radiator. Anything you can do to improve the driveability & reliability of your car will make for a more fun & relaxing trip.
   5th Extra's:Only AFTER you have gone through your ride & upgraded the 4 points above do I recommend you buy the fun stuff. Yes, Intakes & Exhaust are cool & sound good, but they wont make your car handle the curves any better. Don't get me wrong, my exhaust in the mountains was a highlight for me at last years ZDayZ. Before I got the exhaust though I already had in place; full suspension, slotted rotors & race pads, & ultra high performance tires. Also make sure you have enough money for the Trip itself before you buy stuff you may not need.

Smart Driving: Know the limits or your ride! This is of upmost importance. I strongly recommend atleast 1 autocross! This will allow you a controlled enviroment to learn where the limits of your car is. Once your up there how you drive is up to you. Do not allow anyone to pressure you to drive harder than your comfortable! Also don't feel that you can drive as hard as others in the group. Enjoy the ride at your pace please. Doing this will help ensure you will still be enjoying your own car on the way home.   Also you must take into consideration the limits of the road. The roads at the village maybe dry but as we drive to higher elevation  or shaded roads the conditions of the road may change. Couple years past they were cutting the grass on the shoulder of the road and throwing some loose gravel and grass on the road.

Trip Cost. This is modified from previous posts READ this BEFORE making your deposit to understand the cost to attend.

   ZdayZ is a blast to attend. We want as many to come as possible. It doesn't matter if you drive a 350Z, Miata, or Mustang.... WE WANT YOU! You will not be alone. Last year there were a couple Evos, STIs, Civics, Ferrari as well as others.  The trip will be largely a driving experiance. The roads are amazing & smooth, the views are inspiring and make you appriciate gods creations. This will be a highlight to anyone's year, as previous ZDAYZ have been for us. We will be stopping at over looks and waterfalls.

        Now we must consider the reality of the cost....
1st Rooming: We have reserved a 3 bedroom/ 2 bath Cabin. Cabins are extremely hard to get and we got the only 1 available. Fortunately its got nice add ons like a fireplace , unfortunately that means it cost more also.  I need to make sure we fill all beds and hopefully a little floor space to keep the rooming cost down for all. the 1 room Katie and I claimed, 2nd room is Queen bed for 2 people and cost $300, 3rd room is 2 twin beds $150 per person Additional floor space will be available for air mattress or sleeping bag $50 per person. Deposit of 1/2 is required to reserve your place. Please contact me with any additional questions.
2nd Fuel: Since this is a driving experience we will use a lot of fuel. Depending on your own cars mileage this will vary greatly. Expect atleast 5-6 fill-ups. For the 2011 event I believe we filled up 4 times. But this year there will be much more driving. I would recommend $250-$300 set aside for fuel. Don't undershoot this unless you have comfortable shoes.
3rd the ZDayZ event: This is quite optional. Personally I will be registering Katie & I. I haven't seen the prices for 2017 but 2016 was $20 per day or $50 for all weekend access, banquet meals are $18 per person per night (Friday & Saturday).
4th Food: This will depend greatly on the group. Im fine with Fast food most the trip. We also have a cabin with Kitchen so we could do groceries and save some money. Lasy year on our way in we stopped at Wal-Mart and loaded up on groceries. We split the cost of these groceries between everyone at $25. Your not required to do this but we bought Cereal, eggs, Hot Dogs, Pizza's, chips, plates , cups, water, soda, & etc. for the group. Additionally we will eat out so I would recomend $25 (Groceries) + $100 minimum per person on food.

Lodging: $50-$150 per person depending on the accomodations
Fuel:     $300
Event    $50
Food:    $125
Total:   $525-$625    Keep in mind guest will not incure the $300 fuel cost . So guest will be closer to $300.
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Re: May 17-21, 2017 ZDAYZ
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2017, 09:39:47 PM »

the last time i went, i rented a Nissan Juke (amazing!!!) i think i filled up about 6 times, it only had a 10 gal tank, and almost walked to the last gas station, i had 1/2 gallon left in the tank.  i spent around $850.  but here are the reasons for that, only three of us split the room, we ate gourmet meals every meal (truly amazing).  i also rented a Nissan Juke. that was the best trip